Walnut Banana Cakes


No bread for tomorrow so I decided to bake this based on ingredients I have.

Ingredients: organic brown rice, coconut sugar, organic cinnamon, french butter, lemon juice, bananas, salt, free-range eggs


Apple Raisin Cake


I have few granny smiths in fridge so decided to make this cake based on Polish recipe. For many generations o bakers, the flavours and aromas of apples, cinnamon and vanilla have always complemented each other marvellously. It’s a combination seen in may baked goods, not only in Poland but in other countries as well. While baking, the aromas hit every corner of every nearby room and awaken every taste bud of anyone in sniffing range.

Ingredients: unsalted butter, organic sugar, eggs, organic cake flours, organic cinnamon, vanilla beans, organic raisins, green apples and walnut.

Organic Cinnamon Rolls


Suddenly was thinking of Cinnamon Rolls. This is the second round I made bread without assistance from food processor. Bread making taught me about LIFE. Along with my believe in natural way of living, the best bread is when you let nature taking care of it and “no-knead” bread is the best bread if you are looking for great flavour in bread. The second best is using God-given hand, you have control over the dough and you will know when to knead more and when to stop. This is really amazing. I could not get the texture I see in breads sold outside which may be made using additives such as shortening, bread improver if I were to use machine to knead the dough. This bread is made without any additives but yet I still get the texture I want.


Ingredients: organic bread flour, organic vanilla sugar, himalayan salt, alkaline water, non-GMO soya bean powder, organic cinnamon powder, organic raisins, unsalted butter, instant dry yeast.