Sugarless Banana Walnut Bread

Ingredients: free-range eggs, organic cake flour, organic brown rice flour, bananas, walnuts, organic coconut oils, salt.

Nuts Cookie

Gluten free, eggless, butter free, sugar free. Mostly organic… Ingredients: organic brown rice, organic molasses sugar, organic virgin coconut oils, lemon, soaked and dehydrated walnuts at 35 degrees celcius.

Brownies Prisiens

This is different with American type Brownies. Lots of alcohol. I used Cointreau which matches very well with chocolate. I did experimenting using different types of organic flour and even replacing some butter with avocado. Ingredients: Italian Couverture Chocolate, unsalted butter, organic milk, kampong eggs, organic cake flour, organic oatmeal flour, organic quinoa flour, walnuts,…


Another signature cookies from L’Amande. Originated from Polish recipe. I find particularly noteworthy about these little chocolate morsels is the texture of the finished cookies. It is very light and fragile, so if you only bite in halfway, the cookie tends to crumble.

Caramel Nut Bar

This is caramel nuts bar that will give you energy needed for the day. Bittersweet and matches with the crunchy roasted nuts. The caramel is made from organic molasses and organic wild honey from New Zealand. No water is added. You can technically add any nuts of your favourite. This time I used Almonds, Hazelnuts…