Nuts Cookie

Gluten free, eggless, butter free, sugar free. Mostly organic… Ingredients: organic brown rice, organic molasses sugar, organic virgin coconut oils, lemon, soaked and dehydrated walnuts at 35 degrees celcius.

Organic Oatmeal Brownies

I experimented making gluten free brownies using organic oatmeal and it turned out great. No baking powder and using eggs with organic feed.

Chocolate Fig Fudge – Vegan and Raw

My third Raw & Vegan experiment using dried figs, cashew butter, coconut butter, cacao power and vanilla powder. This tastes great and does not do harm to your body. No sugar added, not-baked. Figs helps lower high blood pressure, a good source of dietary fiber to lower cholesterol and aid in weight loss. The study…

Fondants au chocholat

These fondants au chocolat are hard to resist! Gluten-free as no flour is used. Ingredients: Chocolate, unsalted french butter, eggs, organic sugar, confectionary sugar.


Stick type cookies. These are different with ordinary Sesame Sticks as these are butter-free, sugar-free, eggs-free, baking-soda free and totally gluten-free cookies. Mostly organic ingredients. Contains almonds and sesame seeds.

Cocoa “coro coro” Cookies

These cookies are not only cute but also healthy. Butter-free, sugar-free, eggs-free, baking-soda free and totally gluten-free cookies. Mostly organic ingredients. I did make the same dough using unsalted butter and as we all know butter gives softer texture and taste but once you’ve tried these butter-free cookies, you will definitely love these! They have…

Biscotti Derivatives

These cookies are made out of failure when I did change one of ingredients for Biscotti and given that these are gluten-free, they are so fragile and break when I tried to cut for second round of baking. So instead I just cut them small. However, these taste even better than Biscotti. Party organic and…

Caramel Nut Bar

This is caramel nuts bar that will give you energy needed for the day. Bittersweet and matches with the crunchy roasted nuts. The caramel is made from organic molasses and organic wild honey from New Zealand. No water is added. You can technically add any nuts of your favourite. This time I used Almonds, Hazelnuts…

Black Sesame Organic Brown rice Cookies

Another almond base cookies which are gluten-free, egg free and baking powder free. A slight bitter taste of black sesame gives another sensations to your palate. Black sesame seeds have a bolder flavour and aroma, a better source of calcium, iron, fiber and protein than their white counterparts. 2 tbs of these seeds meets 40…