I am a full-time credit analyst and a part-time day-trader who is passionate about baking, healthy eating, exercise, and Yoga. I lived in 5 countries so far and my love affair with baking started when I lived in Sydney back in 2003. It started with a small French cake called “Friands” I used to buy in the coffee shop downstairs of my office building at Glass House, King St, Sydney. Since I loved the cake so much I was thinking if I could bake myself and it did turn out well which prompted me to buy a Japanese recipe book at Kinokuniya in the Galeries, 500 George Street. I started baking different types of cakes and cookies and found out that it was something I did really like doing.

I did stop baking when I moved to Seoul, South Korea and did not bake after I moved back to Singapore for some time due to my frustration that I could not find the right sugar until 2012 when I took my Certificate in Pastry and Bakery.

The beginning of my love affair with bread was back in Oct 2013 when I did successfully make a no-knead bread from a Japanese bread recipe book. I instantly fell in love with bread making… the smell of yeast, the smell that comes out from the oven, the simplicity of ingredients, the delicate being of bread dough, the feeling when you touch the leavened dough and the accomplishment I have each time I take out the bread from oven are few things that give me much joy and happiness…. Knowing that some bakeries, especially those bread, come out from factories are added with additives, preservatives, improver and some other chemical stuff, but most of all, nothing can compare with the bread you bake at home… I never bought any bread since then…

After a good friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer in Dec 2013, I started my research and did experiments on the ingredients I use in baking both cakes and bread. Since that point in time, I completely eliminate even baking powder and baking soda from all my baking and I use organic ingredients as much as I can.

I consider this as the trigger point in my life which brought me to the world of nutrition and which was also the onset of my distrust towards western medicine. Part of it might be due to the fact that my maternal grandfather was a Chinese doctor who perceived disease as disharmony in the interaction of functional organs and imbalance between two opposing yet complementary forces called yin and yang. My grandmother passed away from breast cancer soon after she did the operation although she survived for almost 50 years with alternative medication based on vegetarian diet and herbs. You are what you eat and your body is created perfectly to cure itself and to fight against any disease, and this can only be achieved through your healthy lifestyle and the right food you eat on a daily basis.

My dream is to bake alternative cakes and bread for both cancer patients and those who do care about health and to prove the world that organic, gluten-free, or healthy cakes are equally delicious and that you can still experience that adrenalin rush the way you eat sinful cake with a more healthier choice…

I have a Certificate in Pastry and Bakery from At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy in Singapore and Diploma in Confectionary Arts from TSUJI Institute of Pattiserie, Japan. I am also a Certified Yin Yoga Teacher and a certified 200hr Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga Teacher from Tirisula Yoga, Yoga Vedanta Training Academy. I have a Macrobiotic Therapist qualification from Japanese Ability Development Promotion Association (JADP) and Career College Japan and have a Certificate of Aromatherapy 101 from Weast Coast Institute of Aromatherapy, Canada. I also have a Certificate in Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy and Sound Healing Course from Kathmandu Center of Healing, Nepal.

I am now working towards Nutritheraphy Practitioner certification from Alternative Medicine Colleague of Canada, Québec, as well as Lymph Care Therapist qualification from Career College Japan.

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