Sesame-Almond Cookies

Gluten-free, eggless, butter-free. Ingredients: Organic brown rice, organic molasses sugar, organic virgin coconut oils, almond and sesame.

Nuts Cookie

Gluten free, eggless, butter free, sugar free. Mostly organic… Ingredients: organic brown rice, organic molasses sugar, organic virgin coconut oils, lemon, soaked and dehydrated walnuts at 35 degrees celcius.

Raw Chocolate – Raw and Vegan

Really love these chocolates… Ingredients: organic coconut oil, natural maple syrup, Vahrona cacao powder, organic Maca powder.

Loco Coco Cakes – Raw and Vegan

Another Oats-base chocolate raw and vegan cakes. Cholesterol lowering cakes. Ingredients: organic oats, walnuts, organic raisins, cacao powder, organic virgin coconut oils, shredded coconut, organic molasses sugar.

Organic Libido Cookies – Raw and Vegan

I believe in the power of oats in immediately reducing my cholesterol level so I decided to make this and I am so surprised as this tastes so so good. Oats is one of the most nutritious grains. Oats are full of protein and minerals and contain a soluble fibre that helps the digestive system to…

Chocolate Fig Fudge – Vegan and Raw

My third Raw & Vegan experiment using dried figs, cashew butter, coconut butter, cacao power and vanilla powder. This tastes great and does not do harm to your body. No sugar added, not-baked. Figs helps lower high blood pressure, a good source of dietary fiber to lower cholesterol and aid in weight loss. The study…

Coconut Bar – Vegan and Raw

Bliss for those who love the smell, flavour and essence of coconut. Perfect pre- or post-workout snack because coconut gives you long-lasting energy and helps slowly release the carbs in the sweetener. Coconut is superfood! Coconut helps prevent obesity, improves heart health  high in dietary fiber, low glycemic index, reduces sweet cravings, improve digesting, quick…