Greenpeas Cookies

Ingredients: organic cake flour, roasted green peas, organic peanut cookies, icing sugar, corn starch.

Macrobiotics – Baked Sweet Potatoes

Recipe taken from my Macrobiotics Course. Sweet potatoes are Yang food. Ingredients: sweet potatoes, cashew nuts (soaked and dehydrated at low temperature), white sesame seeds, fresh soya milk, a little bit of organic maple syrup. These taste very nice as it is but when baked it gives a crush on the surface and bottom. You…

Sesame-Almond Cookies

Gluten-free, eggless, butter-free. Ingredients: Organic brown rice, organic molasses sugar, organic virgin coconut oils, almond and sesame.

Nuts Cookie

Gluten free, eggless, butter free, sugar free. Mostly organic… Ingredients: organic brown rice, organic molasses sugar, organic virgin coconut oils, lemon, soaked and dehydrated walnuts at 35 degrees celcius.

Raw Chocolate – Raw and Vegan

Really love these chocolates… Ingredients: organic coconut oil, natural maple syrup, Vahrona cacao powder, organic Maca powder.

Loco Coco Cakes – Raw and Vegan

Another Oats-base chocolate raw and vegan cakes. Cholesterol lowering cakes. Ingredients: organic oats, walnuts, organic raisins, cacao powder, organic virgin coconut oils, shredded coconut, organic molasses sugar.

Organic Libido Cookies – Raw and Vegan

I believe in the power of oats in immediately reducing my cholesterol level so I decided to make this and I am so surprised as this tastes so so good. Oats is one of the most nutritious grains. Oats are full of protein and minerals and contain a soluble fibre that helps the digestive system to…