Walnut Banana Cakes

No bread for tomorrow so I decided to bake this based on ingredients I have. Ingredients: organic brown rice, coconut sugar, organic cinnamon, french butter, lemon juice, bananas, salt, free-range eggs

Loco Coco Cakes – Raw and Vegan

Another Oats-base chocolate raw and vegan cakes. Cholesterol lowering cakes. Ingredients: organic oats, walnuts, organic raisins, cacao powder, organic virgin coconut oils, shredded coconut, organic molasses sugar.

Tranche tunisienne

Meringue and almond base Pâte à  tunisienne and génoise, layered with crème au pralinée with slight rhum syrup. The chewy tunisienne and cruncy pralin are perfect match! I used molasses sugar to make crème au pralinée, which makes the cream is slightly bitter and taste like caramel. It’s really amazed me each time I learn new techniques… Same ingredients can create different things with…

Brioche aux fruits confits

Brioche with candied fruits, hazelnuts and crème frangipane filling. Brioche is a pastry of French origin that is similar to a highly enriched bread, and whose high egg and butter content give it a rich and tender crumb. It is “light and slightly puffy, more or less fine, according to the proportion of butter and eggs.”…

Gâteau aux pêches jaunes

Second day of my five-day schooling at Tsuji Institute of Patisserie in Osaka, Japan.  This is basically a Peach shortcakes using pâte à génoise and crème chantilly decorated with peach and pistachios. The chemistry of peach with crème chantilly is as great as strawberry. 

Gâteaux aux kiwi

Kiwi short cake using Pâte à génoise and crème chantilly. In my opinion, strawberry is a better match for the fresh cream.

Pain de Gênes

  Cakes are usually made by either the creaming method or the all-in-one method. In all-in-one method, all dry and liquid ingredients are mixed together at once and the fat (butter) is added later on and mixed together until the dry ingredients are well coated with fat. This method eschews any actual bubble-making and thus…