Coconut Ice Cream


Using organic molasses sugar



13161845_10155241478079572_3439516511520081624_o.jpgA semi-frozen desserts. The principal ingredients are eggs, sugar and fresh cream. It has the texture of frozen mousse. I found this from Japanese Italian recipes but seems like Spain has similar desserts called semifrio. It is often called an ice-cream cake, but a true ice-cream cake has layers of cake and ice-cream.

For coffee lovers, this is a must. I added Baileys too.

Lingots au chocolat

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I may say this is the best chocolate cakes I ever baked so far. Very happy with the result. It is shinny inside. Added Cabernet Sauvignon and Rum and it is melted in the mouth. It is bitter sweet, thanks to the cocoa powder which gives as lightly bitter taste to this wonderful art!!

Ingredients: Italian couverture chocolate, organic vanilla sugar, eggs, organic cake flour, cocoa powder, organic milk, fresh cream, Cabernet Sauvignon and Rum.

Glace rhum raisin

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Rhum raisin ice-cream made from organic milk, fresh cream, vanilla beans, organic eggs yolk organic sugar, organic raisin soaked in rhum and rhum.

It was again very challenging given that I do not have ice-cream maker but it turned out well by whisking them several times every one hour. This ice-cream does not contain any toxic stabiliser and preservatives, so it is for kids and human consumption!

The container (pâte à croquignole) are made from butter, icing sugar, organic feed egg whites, organic unbleached flour and vanilla essence. I flatten them and immediately shape them in a small bowl so that can be used as a container for my ice cream.

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Sorbet à l’orange

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Sorbet is a frozen desert made from sweetened water with flavouring (typically fruit juice or fruit purée, wine, and/or liqueur). Sorbet is often confused with Italian ice and often taken to be the same as sherbet. Sorbets/sherbets may also contain alcohol, which lowers the freezing temperature, resulting in softer texture. In the UK and Australia, sherbet refers to a fizzy powder, and only the term sorbet would be used. Whereas ice cream is based on dairy products with air copiously whipped in, sorbet has neither, which makes for a dense and extremely flavourful product. Sorbet is served as a non-fat or low-fat alternative to ice cream. In Italy, a similar though crunchier textured dish called granita is made. As the liquid in granita freezes it forms noticeably large-size crystals, which are let unstirred. Granita is also often sharded with a fork to give an even crunchier texture when served.

It was challenging to make this desert as I refrain to use any chemical additives and thus I remove stabilisers and preservatives in the recipe and I do not use sorbetières. As orange juice sold in the market might have been heated and thus lost most of nutrients, I squeeze real oranges and adjust the sugar content (Baume degree) manually with organic sugar. Sure these ice cream is safe for kids.

Mousse au chocolat


A cold desert that are hardened using fat (butter, cacao butter etc) rather than eggs like in the case of crème renversée au caramel or gelatin in Bavarois.

A mousse is a prepared food that incorporates air bubbles to give it a light and airy texture. It can range from light and fluffy to creamy and thick, depending on preparation techniques. A mousse may be sweet or savoury. Desert mousses are typically made with whipped egg whites or whipped cream, and generally flavoured with chocolate or puréed fruit. For savoury mousse, hard boiled egg, fish or liver may be used. 

You can pipped the mousse into ramekin or tea cups or you can also put in glass container like puddings.

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