Oatmeal and Quinoa Friands


This is variation of my all time favourite small cakes, Friands. I replaced the cake flour using oatmeal (on the right) and quinoa (on the left) while all remaining ingredients are the same. The one using oatmeal tastes great with a slight rough texture but lots of people love them. The one using quinoa is less sweet, this is due to slightly bitter taste of quinoa. People who does not know the taste of quinoa thought I added ginseng on the batter! Some people said the one with oatmeal is good with tea, while the quinoa version is good to eat with coffee. Well, all up to you guys but I am very pleased with the results although you need to take extra care when removing the cakes from the mold as due to its gluten-free nature, it is easily break when just came out from oven.

You can check my other Friands versions including Organic Brown Rice Friands.

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