Sugarless Banana Walnut Bread

Ingredients: free-range eggs, organic cake flour, organic brown rice flour, bananas, walnuts, organic coconut oils, salt.

Sesame-Almond Cookies

Gluten-free, eggless, butter-free. Ingredients: Organic brown rice, organic molasses sugar, organic virgin coconut oils, almond and sesame.

Nuts Cookie

Gluten free, eggless, butter free, sugar free. Mostly organic… Ingredients: organic brown rice, organic molasses sugar, organic virgin coconut oils, lemon, soaked and dehydrated walnuts at 35 degrees celcius.

Cheese Cake Tart

I decided to bake this cheese cake tart as I saw a very long Q at Ion Orchard. People needed to buy a ticket just to grab Hokkaido style cheese cake tart. It is basically pie with baked cheese cake inside.


A semi-frozen desserts. The principal ingredients are eggs, sugar and fresh cream. It has the texture of frozen mousse. I found this from Japanese Italian recipes but seems like Spain has similar desserts called semifrio. It is often called an ice-cream cake, but a true ice-cream cake has layers of cake and ice-cream. For coffee…

Pineapple Tarts

This super auspicious cookies during Chinese New Year in majority part of Asia especially in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Taiwanese have similar cookies although the dough is shaped into square. In fact, these cookies also popular among Muslim in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore where they bake these cookies during Ramadan. It seems like the idea…