Lingots au chocolat

I may say this is the best chocolate cakes I ever baked so far. Very happy with the result. It is shinny inside. Added Cabernet Sauvignon and Rum and it is melted in the mouth. It is bitter sweet, thanks to the cocoa powder which gives as lightly bitter taste to this wonderful art!! Ingredients: Italian…

Raw Chocolate – Raw and Vegan

Really love these chocolates… Ingredients: organic coconut oil, natural maple syrup, Vahrona cacao powder, organic Maca powder.

Loco Coco Cakes – Raw and Vegan

Another Oats-base chocolate raw and vegan cakes. Cholesterol lowering cakes. Ingredients: organic oats, walnuts, organic raisins, cacao powder, organic virgin coconut oils, shredded coconut, organic molasses sugar.

Cacao Cashew Cakes – Vegan and Raw

This is my very first raw and vegan cakes I ever made to celebrate Christmas this year. It was my dream to bake vegan and raw cakes for cancer patients and I believe this is one of them! Felt so happy with the result. Made using raw ingredients: black dates, almonds, cashews, cacao powder, organic…