Mousse au chocolat

A cold desert that are hardened using fat (butter, cacao butter etc) rather than eggs like in the case of crème renversée au caramel or gelatin in Bavarois. A mousse is a prepared food that incorporates air bubbles to give it a light and airy texture. It can range from light and fluffy to creamy and…


Another signature cookies from L’Amande. Originated from Polish recipe. I find particularly noteworthy about these little chocolate morsels is the texture of the finished cookies. It is very light and fragile, so if you only bite in halfway, the cookie tends to crumble.


Éclair is an oblong pastry made with Pâte à choux filled with cream and topped with icing. Today I made two different types of filling by mixing crème pâtissière with bitter chocolate and instant coffee mixed with alcohol. You can replace bitter chocolate with cacao mass to reduce the sugar and coffee extract. I topped the Éclair with fondant café and…


Third day of my five-day schooling at Tsuji Institute of Patisserie in Osaka, Japan. Biscuit Joconde with vanilla cream and chocolate creme with caramel on the top. Pâte à biscuit Joconde is basically an almond base sponge cake and is the base of many great cakes including Opera.

Friands Variations

Square Friands are not bad too. Friands are cholesterol free. By adding chocolate or chocolate powder you can make Chocolate Friands. I added white chocolate on the top too! Ingredients: organic flour, organic sugar, eggs whites, french butter and almond powder, chocolate, chocolate powder, white chocolate.


These are the combination of cakes batter and cookies dough. For those who look for new challenges! I want to name them “cookiecake” Ingredients: organic flour, organic sugar, eggs, chocolate, unsalted organic sugar.

Fondants au chocholat

These fondants au chocolat are hard to resist! Gluten-free as no flour is used. Ingredients: Chocolate, unsalted french butter, eggs, organic sugar, confectionary sugar.

Cocoa “coro coro” Cookies

These cookies are not only cute but also healthy. Butter-free, sugar-free, eggs-free, baking-soda free and totally gluten-free cookies. Mostly organic ingredients. I did make the same dough using unsalted butter and as we all know butter gives softer texture and taste but once you’ve tried these butter-free cookies, you will definitely love these! They have…

Gâteaux chocolat de Nancy

Creaming method with Sugar-Butter technique but the difference with Quartre-quarts is that eggs white are mixed separately and this meringue added to the batter before adding the flour. By doing this, more bubbles are formed which makes the cakes lighter. This cake is a speciality of the Lorraine region of eastern France.