Baguette Traditional


This is my very first baguette and took one and half day to make. Baked using French bread flour I bought in VIRON Japan but I must admit that these baguettes taste much better than baguette sold at that shop in Shibuya, Japan. It is hard to bake baguette without deck ovens/steam ovens but please do not give up. I managed to bake these beautiful baguette using small home oven without steam function. However, you must be creative to create an environment for the dough to create the crusts by spraying the oven with water after you place the dough. Do not open the oven as the crust is shaped during the first few minutes. I could not leave the oven as it was so much fun by looking at the dough!

Similar to air, I always think that water is also food for human being. Water is very important in bread making, especially for French baguette. You cannot bake a great baguette with tap water!!

Baguette is “a long thin loaf of French bread” that is commonly made from basic lean dough. It is distinguishable by its length and crisp crust.

The best baguette is the one with lots of holes in my opinion, so I could not wait to cut into half to see. The side dishes are also home made. A mince pork with soy-sauce, organic pepper and himalayan salt. I only use pepper and salt in my cooking in addition to organic dried herbs.


Ingredients: Viron French bread flour, himalayan salt, organic yeast and Evian water.


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