Black Sesame Organic Brown rice Cookies

Black Sesame Brownrice Cookies

Another almond base cookies which are gluten-free, egg free and baking powder free. A slight bitter taste of black sesame gives another sensations to your palate.

Black sesame seeds have a bolder flavour and aroma, a better source of calcium, iron, fiber and protein than their white counterparts. 2 tbs of these seeds meets 40 percent of the daily value of calcium. Iron is a mineral needed to make haemoglobin, the protein found in your red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout your body, good for children, pregnant women. Black sesame seeds are also good for heart health, and higher intakes of fiber are also associated with lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. The fiber in black sesame seeds may also alleviate constipation.

Ingredients: organic brown rice, almonds, organic sugar, black sesame seeds, french unsalted butter, himalayan salt and confectionary sugar


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