Gâteaux aux fraises


Pâte à génoise, a foam type cake. It is said to be named after Italy’s city of Genoa. It differs from the traditional American sponge cake, as well as the classic French biscuit, in that whole eggs are gently heated with sugar and whisked until they are foamy, slightly pale. Warming the egg-and-sugar ingredients simply helps dissolve the sugar better and improves the emulsifying properties of the eggs. As a result, it helps the eggs reach maximum volume when beaten.

It first becomes foamy, then light and aerated and finally it thickens until it forms a thick ribbon when lifted from the bowl, called ribboning. The protein in the egg foam becomes partially coagulated from the hear, transforming it into an elastic mass. As it is beaten, it holds large volumes of air, which in turn results in a batter with high volume and a cake that bakes lighter and higher.

The cream used is crème chantilly (fresh cream and sugar). Ty to make from scratch to escape from food loaded with preservatives.

Healthier choice: try using organic butter, sugar, flour and free range eggs.


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